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  • Christopher Oakley

    Executive Director/Instructor
    Specialization: Contortion, Hand Balancing, Solo Trapeze, Diabolo

    Chris has been performing and studying contortion and circus for the past nine years. He has studied at the San Francisco Circus Center, EOA Contortion Studio in Las Vegas and The New England Center for Circus Arts where he graduated from their Professional Track Program in 2008, majoring in solo trapeze and contortion. He is a freelance performer for various circus companies in the United States and continues to perform as a contortionist and aerialist. He has been teaching youth circus and adults since 2006. While focusing on teaching high level contortion, he is also highly experienced in coaching aerials and most ground circus skills. In 2009 he opened SHOW Circus Studio in Easthampton, MA with Henry Wheaton and is currently co-owner, executive director and circus instructor.

  • Henry Wheaton

    Technical Director/Instructor
    Specialization: Solo and Duo Trapeze, Tumbling, Partner Acrobatics

    Although Henry has followed a meandering path to it, circus seems to be the obvious choice for his career. He first became involved with circus in high school in 1987 as a tech, doing set construction and backstage production. Starting in 1988, Henry had a paid job as a lighting tech for my college theatre. After graduation he took graduate classes at Lesley University and taught for several years in elementary and middle school for a variety of programs at public schools in the Boston area. He also ran a rock climbing program for a two month overnight camp, which introduced him to the principles of safe human suspension and rigging equipment. Henry kept active by participating in ultra distance bike racing, specializing in 24 hour races. In 2007 Henry started taking circus classes, applied to, and was accepted into the Professional Track program at the New England Center for Circus Arts, majoring in duo trapeze and minoring in duo acro. He has been performing professionally since graduation in 2008. Henry is currently the co-owner and technical director at SHOW Circus Studio in Easthampton, Mass, where he is responsible for rigging and maintaining the aerial equipment, teaching classes, and producing circus shows.
  • Kt Tundermann

    Office Manager/Instructor

    Kt attended her first ever circus class at SHOW studios in September of 2012 and fell in love with the positive and encouraging atmosphere. She is a competitive fencer with fifteen years of experience in USFA tournaments - you may recognize her as the Asst. Foil Coach at Smith College, or from her multiple appearances on Knitting Daily Television. Kt brings a variety of administrative skills along with a love of physical expression to her job as Office Manager at SHOW. Don't hesitate to say "Hello" the next time you're in the studio and see her sitting behind the front desk!
  • Tara Jacob

    Operations Support/Instructor
    Specialization: Acrobatics, Object Manipulation, Introductory Aerials

    Tara loves being upside-down! Though she did gymnastics as a child, she got her first taste of contemporary circus as a teenager at The Circus Space in London, England and fell in love with the fun, creativity, and community she found in the circus. Since then, Tara has founded a college circus collective, traveled the USA in two summer street circus tours, and taught flying trapeze and acrobatics at several summer camps. Tara was thrilled to find a training space and circus community at SHOW in spring of 2010. She quickly became an AcroJam enthusiast and was the front desk intern during spring 2011. After completing the 2012-2013 Professional Track program at the New England Center for the Circus Arts, Tara is delighted to be teaching youth classes, juggling, AcroJam, and introductory aerials at SHOW! She is also SHOW's Operations Support.
  • Lauren Breunig

    Specialization: Fabric, Trapeze

    Lauren Breunig fell in love with circus while working as a counselor at Circus Smirkus camp during college. After graduating, she began taking classes at the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA), first as a recreational student, then as part of the professional training programs. She is the pioneer of an original apparatus, the Sliding Trapeze, which she developed during her time in ProTrack, and was featured as an Innovative Aerialist at the 2013 Aerial Acrobatics Arts Festival of Denver, CO. In addition to Sliding Trapeze, she specializes in aerial sling, fabric, trapeze, and partner acrobatics. She is a versatile and engaging instructor who teaches circus arts to students of all ages at camps and schools around the country. A veteran of the stage as a singer, Lauren has toured and recorded in the US and around the world with a variety of folk music groups, including her band, Windborne. laurenbreunig.com
  • Megan Mallouk

    Specialization: Lyra, Static Cloud Swing, Rhythmic Gymnastics

    Megan Mallouk is a former rhythmic gymnast who competed nationally and internationally in her youth. Her love for rhythmics lead her to coaching at Illinois Rhythmic Gymnastics Center in Highland Park, IL, where she taught at both the recreational and competitive level. With a background in theater, dance, and gymnastics Megan made the transition into circus after discovering her love for flying trapeze on a family vacation. She has trained and performed with several companies in Chicago and is a graduate of the full time training program at AirCraft Circus in London and the professional training programs at NECCA in Brattleboro, VT.
  • Chenoa Albertson

    Specialization: Trapeze

    Chenoa began her circus career in a youth circus in Californian at the age of 9. In 2012 she attended the Academy of Circus Arts in the UK where she specialized in swinging trapeze and double lyra. After graduation she was hired by Zippos Circus and performed swinging trapeze in their London Christmas Cricus and toured with them around the UK during their 2013 season.
  • Deborah Chesser

    Specialization: Fabric, Youth Circus

    Deb started circusing in 2011 when she tagged along with a friend to Detroit's Fly House and hasn't looked back since. She has moved and traveled around the US taking classes at NECCA, TSNY DC, Arachne Aerial Arts, and on Hawaii, before finding her home at SHOW. Pre-circus Deb was a rower/coach, and participated in Head of the Charles and Youth National Regatta with Albany Rowing Center, as well as Dad Vail and the Big East Regatta with UConn Crew. She was also a competitive Ballroom and Latin dancer and mentor at UConn, and grew up doing ballet. Deb specializes in fabric, but can often be found around the studio practicing trapeze, juggling, handstands, and acro, and dreaming about German Wheel. She is excited to be training and teaching at SHOW.
  • Naomi Ullian

    Specialization: Fabric

    Naomi Ullian trained in ballet and modern dance for 20 years before crossing paths with a trapeze. She began her aerial training in static trapeze and silks with Aerial Space in Asheville, NC, and went on to study aerial dance and acrobatics with Frequent Flyers. Naomi has completed Residency and Intensive Training Programs at NECCA and is currently enrolled in the Professional Track Training Program. As an instructor, she is fond of scrutinizing body mechanics, exploring conceptual movement, and squealing with excitement when students achieve their goals. When not doing pull-ups or handstands, Naomi practices clinical herbal medicine, writes, and goes foraging at every opportunity.
  • Crystal Menninga

    Specialization: Lyra, Flying Trapeze, German Wheel

    Crystal Menninga was introduced to aerial fabric while getting her MFA in Dance and was overjoyed to find SHOW Circus Studio when she moved to Massachusetts. She started with one class a week, then three, then five… and the rest is history. Crystal concentrates on lyra, flying trapeze, and German wheel, and she enjoys dabbling in as many disciplines as possible. When not in the studio, Crystal can be found teaching Romance languages and circus at a local high school, performing with the Valley’s only tap company, Tapella, teaching tap and ballet, or snuggling with one of her many circus-animals-in-training.
  • Angelica Cardone

    Instructor Speciality: Handbalance, Aerials, Partner Acrobatics

    Angelica Cardone is an acrobat and aerialist who began her performance career at a young age doing music and vocals. As a member of the New Jersey Children’s Choir, she performed at such venues as Lincoln Center, PNC Bank Arts Center, and Carnegie Hall. She moved away from performance and focused for several years on athletics, competing in all-around gymnastics and karate; she is a two-time international kumite (sparring) champion in Koei Kan Karate-Do. After graduating with a B.S. in environmental science from Rutgers University, she worked in the private sector but was called back to her early performance roots upon discovering the joys of circus at The Circus Place in Hillsborough, NJ. There, she realized that she could fuse athleticism with artistry. Angelica decided to pursue a more intense training regimen and was accepted into the ProTrack Performance Training Program at the New England Center for Circus Arts, which she completed in May 2015, focusing on hand balancing and aerial net. Angelica now works as a freelance acrobat, aerialist, and instructor. www.angelicatheacrobat.com
  • Marah MacRostie

    Specialization: Embodyoga® , Unnata® Aerial Yoga & Mindful Yoga Therapy

    Marah is excited to bring together her years of experience in both floor asana practice and aerial acrobatics by teaching aerial yoga here at SHOW. Aerial yoga practice can be strengthening, deeply relaxing, and a lot of fun. Marah is committed to holding a safe, welcoming yoga class, and using body-positive and gender-inclusive language to explore and learn together. Marah received her Embodyoga® Teacher Training at Yoga Center Amherst (2011-present), Unnata® Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Hartford, CT with Becky Stella (2014), and is among the first group of 100-hour certified teachers of Mindful Yoga Therapy (for Veterans with PTSD) (2015). www.facebook.com/marahyoga
  • Catherine Jett

    Bio coming soon
  • Audrey Hyvonen

    Project Manager

    Audrey Hyvonen currently works with SHOW as Project Manager where she serves as researcher, planner and developer, guiding various projects of great importance, with the focused intention of expanding the offerings of circus within the community. She previously worked for two years as the SHOW office manager and before that, was a circus mom. Her enthusiasm for recreational circus is contagious and she is a big promoter of our kids and adult classes alike. She brings a strong background in organizing volunteers in both local schools and farms, a lengthy movement background in the martial arts and a retail history of having worked in health food stores and co-ops since 1990. She trained as an EMT, a doula and a childbirth educator, home-schooled her kids for a handful of years and now works as a fiber artist in her home studio.
  • Allison McDermott

    Specialization: Lyra, Handbalancing

    Allison was first introduced to circus at The Children’s Circus of Middletown in CT. She began teaching circus at camps and schools throughout CT and soon she discovered her love of aerial arts at the New England Center for Circus Arts. In 2011-2012, Allison performed in ArtFarm’s Circus for a Fragile Planet: Submerged as well as performing in Soviet Bloc Party’s Missed Connections in 2012. Allison has recently completed the New England Center for Circus Arts Professional Track Program where she performed in The Flying Nut and Gathered Safely In, as well as Trapeze Teacher Training with Nimble Arts. She is currently teaching and performing in the New England area and is looking forward to sharing her brand of fun, pop circus with the world! Find more about Allison as a performer and teacher at www.allisonmcdermott.com

  • Ryan Freeze

    Specialization: Slackline, Partner Acrobatics

    Growing up Ryan enjoyed making costumes, keeping fit, and contriving to be the center of attention. He found all these things rolled up into one career: circus.
    After 5 years of training, his fist love partner acrobatics as a serious hobby. Ryan was accepted to the New England Center for Circus Arts, where he specialized in partner acrobatics and slackrope. Following his graduation from Necca. Ryan went onto perform with Speakeasy Circus, and was regularly on Princess Cruise lines as a Specialty Guest Act. He also has performed at countless festivals and corporate events.
  • Michael Denton

    Special Workshop Instructor
    Specialization: See Below

    There was a time when Mike was just another Canadian living in your midst. But then he took a swing on the flying trapeze and it all changed. Mike spent the better part of the last eight years teaching, managing and training at Trapeze School New York's Boston location. During a flying trapeze show in 2010, Mike suffered a rather nasty shoulder injury. Ordinarily, six months of rehab should have had him back in the air. But things got complicated and he no longer flies through the air with the greatest of ease. It was during this time that Mike developed an interest (some might call it an obsession) in learning how the very best athletes and performers in the world keep their shoulders performing at a high level.

    Mike has over 20 years of experience as a coach, teacher and physical educator. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a Certified Functional Strength Coach through world-renowned Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning. He's certified in the Functional Movement Screen and has studied Shoulder Assessment and Evaluation with physical therapist Mike Reinold.

    Mike posts lengthy ramblings on being strong for circus at www.bodymindstrong.com
  • Nicole Portwood

    Instructor Specialization: Clowning, Unicycle, Juggling

    Nicole Portwood, aka Maggie the Clown, of Brimfield, MA has been clowning since she was 17 years old. What began as a summer job in high school at an amusement park turned into a 30 + year (and still going strong!) career. She has clowned professionally that long in venues including Disneyland and Disney World, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus and many more. One of her favorite things to do, however, is to teach. Nicole began her training of clowns many years ago when she was hired as a full time instructor for a local entertainment company. This job required her to teach incoming students and prepare them for every show and service offered by the company. Using 4 levels, the students worked their way up attending weekly one on one training sessions until they satisfied each requirement. Additionally, she has also been teaching Clown Workshops for well over two decades (After School Enrichment, Community Centers, Senior Assisted Living, Libraries, Boy/Girl Scouts etc.) and thoroughly enjoys sharing everything she can with whoever has the desire to learn clowning as a craft or simply have fun doing something that might just be a "once in a lifetime" or "bucket list" sort of thing! Whoever you are, she is sure you will enjoy being a clown!
  • Brande Lee

    Special Guest Instructor
    Specializations: Fabric, Lyra, Hoop, Pole

    Brande Lee has been training and performing circus/aerial arts since 2009. She specializes in aerial silks, lyra, hammock, pole, and hoop dance. She got her start with Orange County Aerial Arts/Ruby Karen Project in September 2009 and still receives continuing education and performs with them to this day. Brande also trained at the New England Center for Circus Arts in their Intensive training program 2013-2014. She has performed with Orange County Aerial Arts, Wire Monkey Dance, Elevated Aerial Dance, SHOW Circus Studio, and most recently was an aerialist in the 2014 Cirque de la Mer show at Sea World San Diego.

    Brande is AFAA certified in group fitness and has been teaching aerial arts since 2012. She has received teacher trainings through OCAA, Circus Arts Institute (CAI), and SHOW Circus Studio. She has a passion for circus arts and loves to share her joy of fun fitness and performance art.

  • Daia Bromberg

    Daia Bromberg is a high school student who lives in Easthampton. She took her first circus class when she was 8 years old, at SHOW Circus Studio. Since then she has also trained at Center Ring Circus School in Columbia, Maryland and was a part of their Youth Performance Troupe. She has attended Smirkus Camp, AYCO workshops and festivals, and many day camps at SHOW. Currently, Daia is excited to continue training at SHOW, be a part of their Youth Performance Troupe, and assist in youth camps and classes. Her favorite circus disciplines are trapeze, juggling, tightwire and partner acrobatics but she is continually expanding her interests. Outside of circus, Daia enjoys reading, baking, and petting her two cats.
  • Elsa Hall

    Bio coming soon
  • Jordan Polan-Clarke

    Bio coming soon
  • Jess Hill

    Bio coming soon
  • Melissa Knowles

    Bio coming soon